Cooking on your Gas Grill

The Gas Grill is quite versatile. We can cook low and slow for smoking, medium for great barbecue or on high for great grilling. For now, we are going to cover just the basics.


You may cause serious injury to your food if you do not follow the proper procedures which come with your Gas Grill.

Always light the grill with the hood open, even on windy days! If you place a lighted match in the hole with the gas on and the lid down, you have created bomb-like conditions. Not fun unless you are just looking for a great way so spoil a really good cookout.While similar to the above, but after the fire is going, do not allow your clothing to catch fire.

Finally, if the fire does not start right away, turn the gas off, allow the gas to dissipate for several minutes and then retry. The wind may pose particular problems, but be patient. If necessary, get someone to assist you in shielding the wind so the fire can be lit or you can use a handheld butane lighter.